LGBTQ Hoodies: Two Fierce Hoodies To Show Your Chill While Keeping You Warm

LGBTQ Hoodies Slay With Fierce Phrases

Fall chill is in the air and we couldn't be happier to slip into a warm hoodie! 

Rainbow Rave Shop has created two fierce hoodies to rock the season: 'Don't F*ck With My Fierce' and 'My Gender Is The Last Thing You Should Define Me By.' 

Inspired by fierce mofos, the 'Don't F*ck With My Fierce Hoodie' was inspired by our sister company Queen On The Scene, Rainbow Rave Shop snatched the eff out of these gem phrase and to create an LGBTQ hoodies line worthy of mentioning.

"I've always had a wicked tongue and love creating phrases, taglines and visuals that turn heads and make people stop and think," says Kathner, co-owner of Rainbow Rave Shop. "It's so amazing to see people connect to the designs and phrases of the hoodies - especially these [hoodies]." 

My Gender Is The Last Thing You Should Define Me By Hoodie

Secondly, is our best selling LGBTQ hoodie: 'My Gender Is the Last Thing You Should Define Me By.' This fierce gear was inspired by genderqueer and nonbinary community members. 

LGBTQ Hoodies From Rainbow Rave Shop. Gender Hoodies in Black with white lettering.

"We're so proud to announce our new LGBTQ hoodies with a fierce message that gender is an outdated concept. It's especially personal to me being a femme, but my pronouns are they/them," says Kathner, designer of the hoodie. "I'm constantly being misgendered and this inspired the phrase of the LGTBQ hoodie." 

The hoodies are available at Rainbow Rave Shop for $45 w/ Free Shipping Over $50. 

About Rainbow Rave Shop

Rainbow Rave Shop is proudly 100% LGBT-Owned and Operated and on a mission to fight Rainbow Capitalism. Based in Sioux Falls, SD, we ship worldwide and support our local LGBT organizations by donating 10% of profits to organizations in need quarterly through our Rainbow Rave Cares program. 


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