What Is Ace Week?


Hi, Quinn here. When I first came out as lesbian I didn't realize the spectrum that our beautiful community is comprised of. I desire to learn more and be defined less as my journey progresses. 

One space in our community is the asexual identity (or ACE). After a quick search, I learned really cool facts about the ACE community and I'd like to share what I learned as we approach Ace Week! 

As I searched 'Upcoming Gay Holidays in October,' Ace Week caught my eye. Noteworthy to mention the number of holidays and observances in October are impressive AF, btw. Made my rainbow heart so happy! 

I found a very helpful website (AceWeek.org) which I highly recommend for not only educational purposes, but the site is done really well from a design and functionality standpoint.  

As I scrolled through the site, I learned that Ace Week was actually first established as Asexual Awareness Week in 2010 by Sara Beth Brooks originally as an awareness campaign that grew. 

The founder discussed that the discovery of their asexuality aspired her towards activism and education about asexuality and together with the help of AVEN founder David Jay, the organization grew to what it is today. 


The first Ace Week was mostly conducted online, but as the campaign increased, so did the visibility and social media presence. This led to the creation of one minute "Dear LGBT Community" video letters where community members share information and experiences in order to start conversations about being ace. 



Ace Week has organically morphed into a celebration of ace identities alongside the continuing campaign for ace acceptance which then lead to Ace Week joining Asexual Outreach, a non-profit organization focused upon advocacy. 

Ace Week 2020 starts October 25th and concludes on the 31st. 

Cheers to our ACE community members and I'm so excited to support Ace Week for our community! 

With Love,

Quinn w/ Rainbow Rave Shop 

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